'No Probem' & 'Knock Out' won't clash on the same day


Prime VIP
A majority of producers have realized that it's not right to bring two films of the same actor on the same date. But there have been exceptions in the past. In Diwali last year, two Sanjay Dutt starrers -- BLUE and ALL THE BEST -- opened on the same day. Besides, the clash of three biggies on the same day [BLUE, ALL THE BEST, MAIN AUR MRS. KHANNA] did cut into each other's business, the Diwali week notwithstanding.

Cut to the present! Till last week, the makers of NO PROBLEM and KNOCK OUT, both starring Sanjay Dutt, were adamant on bringing their films on 10th September, but the clash has been averted. While KNOCK OUT will arrive on the scheduled date, NO PROBLEM has been shifted ahead, to 3rd December. Which means, 10th September will see DABANGG and KNOCK OUT vying for public attention, while NO PROBLEM and KHELEIN HUM JEE JAAN SEY will clash on 3rd December.