No loo breaks for Mallika Sherawat!


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Gotta control it!

If you think that being an actor is easy, ask Mallika Sherawat what she had to go through while filming her latest film Hisss.

Since the siren plays a snakewoman in the film, she had to go through long sessions of make-up and of course slithering into an especially designed huge and heavy snake-suit that would render her immobile.

So once the make-up was on and she was inside the snake-suit, Mallika had to stay that way for hours, without even answering nature’s calls.

“Yes, it’s true that I had to sit for make-up for about six hours. I could also not simply slip out of the snake suit in between the shots. So, yes, I was not able to use the washroom for long hours,” say Mallika.

In hindsight, Mallika says all the effort she put in her role was worth it because the movie has shaped up very well.

Also starring Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta, Hisss releases on October 22.