Nicholas church in Kiev

Saini Sa'aB


Church building was erected in the years 1899-1909 for the Roman Catholic community of Kiev. Design and construction of buildings produced under the guidance of the famous Kyiv architect Vladimir Gorodetsky. Church built in stylized Gothic forms with the long, gothic towers and steeples, differs slender proportions, ease and clarity of compositional structure. Difficult conditions for the construction and architectural solutions prompted the architects to use innovative at the time engineering technology. More after the break...

In 1933 the church was looted and closed, and in 1943 was badly damaged by shelling, was set on fire, and only by 1980 it was restored and partially reconstructed. Since 1980, Nicholas church was to function as a concert hall of the House of Organ and Chamber Music. Body Kiev House of organ music has been specially created by masters of firm «Rieger-Kloss» in city Krnov in Czechoslovakia.