Next generation Google Docs unveiled


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Next generation Google Docs unveiled

If you are much into sharing documents with your co-workers and buddies using the Google Docs I have some good news for you. The dev team standing behind the project has just unveiled the new and improved Google Docs that will serve you better than ever before.


In addition to adding many new features like margin ruler, formula editing bar, cell auto-complete and drag-and-drop columns the new version of Google Docs also improves performance and responsiveness.

The process of uploading files from a desktop computer has also been improved and the collaboration support has also been updated to support up to 50 people simultaneously.

Check out this video demo of the new generation of Google Docs.

In case you’re wondering where all that sweet features are hidden, you can check out the Google Operating System’s step-by-step guide for enabling them in Settings.

Official Google Blog: The next generation of Google Docs