New Opera 10.60 beta now available, offers 50% boost


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New Opera 10.60 beta now available, offers 50% performance boost

Today Opera released a new beta version of their desktop browser. Opera 10.60 beta is reportedly 50% faster than its predecessor and is available for download right away.

In addition to the performance boost the new Opera 10.60 offers Geolocation to optimize your search results. The browser can detect your current location and give you the best search results for your place.

HTML 5 Appcache and Web Workers are the other new goodies. The Appcache can store web applications such as word processors or image editors for offline work. HTML5 Web Workers will help developers do heavy calculations without slowing the web browser.

The new version of Opera also comes with search suggestions, custom thumbnails for the tabs and some new graphics for the Speed Dial.

You can download the latest Opera from here for all desktop/laptop operating systems.

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