New Honda CR-V at Rs 18.4 lakh

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New Honda CR-V at Rs 18.4 lakh

onda Siel Cars India on Tuesday launched a new CR-V, its premium SUV model, which will be costlier

by at least Rs 250,000 than the existing one, even as the company said it has not finalised any plan on the small car and the second plant front.
"The third generation CR-V, which is being introduced in India within a few months of its global launch, signifies the importance of the Indian market to Honda's plans," Honda Siel India president and CEO Masahiro Takedagawa told reporters in New Delhi.
The new CR-V, which comes in two variants of six speed manual transmission and an automatic transmission, is priced at Rs 17.7 lakh (Rs 1.77 million) ex-showroom Delhi and Rs 18.4 lakh (Rs 1.84 million) ex-showroom Delhi respectively.
Commenting on the company's plans for a small car and a new plant, Takedagawa said nothing has been finalised and the company was still studying various options.
He also said the increasing input cost and unfavourable foreign exchange rate is putting pressure and therefore the company was looking at hiking prices of all its production models in India.
"We are still working out as to by how much the process will be increased but we will try to keep it minimum so as not to burden the customers," he said.
On the issue of Honda Motors India, he said the proposed company, which will be overseeing all of Honda's operations in India, is likely to officially start operations by December.
HMI is for synergising the operations of four companies of Honda India, he said. "To start with, the company will look after the spare parts and services for four-wheelers and then gradually expand to two wheelers," he added. -- PTI
Models posing with the All-New Honda CR-V in New Delhi on Tuesday.
Photograph: Dijeshwar Singh/ Saab Pictures


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umm..............thats wat i drive at the moment, even though i dont like it but its a good economic car...............