Navy escorts 903 foreign ships in Gulf of Aden


Prime VIP
New Delhi, June 20

The Indian Navy, which was deployed in October 2008 for anti-piracy operations, recently escorted the 1,000th merchant ship across the Gulf of Aden when INS Brahmaputra accompanied MV Borzna. In total, the Navy has so far escorted 1,037 ships, including 134 Indian flagged and 903 foreign flagged ships.

The Navy spokesperson said, ships from as many as 50 countries had availed the escort.

This is in addition to the anti-piracy patrols the Navy undertakes in other island countries of the region. The Navy has conducted anti-piracy patrols by continuously maintaining at least one ship to escort merchant vessel convoys across the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor in the Gulf of Aden. However, so far 20 naval warships have been deployed on rotational basis.