National Eligibility Entrance Test – Know How It Affects Medical Aspirants

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1. How does a common entrance test benefit me?
Today, the total medical exams in the country are about 50 and every serious aspirant takes an average 10 tests. Besides, it is commonly believed that some private entrance tests, including state entrance tests can be rigged. At the least, they are not fail proof. Remember how a CM’s daughter in Bihar stood 1st rank in an MBBS entrance test? So a single and credible entrance test is being conducted to prepare an all India merit list of all medical aspirants. Such a test will benefit the more meritorious to apply into good private medical colleges also, while competing for their own state quotas.

2. I have appeared for NEET 1. Can I appear for NEET 2?
Yes. You can. However, you have to give up all your claims on the results of NEET 1. It is not the best the two. Only Your NEET2 score would be considered for all admission purposes.

3. What was the need for NEET 2?
As the state and private medical entrance tests have been barred, NEET 2 will be an opportunity for those aspirants who did not take the AIPMT or NEET1. However, students who appeared in NEET 1 protested that the others are getting more time to prepare. Hence the NEET1 examinees have also been given an option to appear for NEET 2 by foregoing all claims in NEET 1 results.

4. I have reservations in my state. Would I have the same if considered under NEET?
Yes. NEET is only a comprehensive merit list to be used as an inter se merit list. No reservation policies are being changed. It is only the preparation if an all India merit list to be used inter se.

5. The Exam is in English only. What is the reason?
Medicine, the world over is taught in English. Most scientific terms don’t have language inferences. Once you pass the exam, you will have to learn the subjects in English. Hence, the exam is being held only in English.

6. What happens to a candidate who had a bad day on the day of the exam. Earlier, he could make amends in another exam?
That is true. Every such move has pros and cons. This is a good first step. When you consider states like TN which admits students on marks scored in class XII exams, a bad day in any of the subjects can ruin their chances. This drawback will be for any exam.

7. I am from Andhra. How would my rank at NEET affect my chances.
Andhra as a state will derive its own merit list of candidates from the NEET merit list and give admissions. Besides, the better performers will also have a chance to get admission into some of the good deemed universities and moving there, thus freeing a few more seats for the Andhra candidates within the state.

However, we at acknowledge that If you are an Andhra state board candidate you may be at a disadvantage vis a vis a CBSE board candidate from the same state. This applies to possibly all state board applicants. You can put pressure on your own states to reserve seats according to the board you have taken.

8. I am from the Christian community and apply for CMC Vellore under our own quota. Would I be affected?
As I said earlier, no rights under any quota/reservation are being affected. CMC Vellore will draw up its own merit list belonging to the Christian community from the all India merit list and will apply quotas on the same.

9. What happens to some of the private tests that I gave already appeared?
They become null and void. You will have to appear in NEET 2 to lay any claim.

10. Does it apply to PG Medical seats also?
No. This is only for undergraduate medical aspirants for this year. But in subsequent years it applies to both PG and UG courses.

11. What happens if I get a good rank under NEET 2 but denied a seat in a college, though a low ranked student has got admission in my category?
You can take that college to court and get that seat allocated to you provided the other admission criterion remain the same.

12. What is your advice to all students?
Apply for NEET 2, prepare well, take it with all seriousness and try to get the best rank possible.