My son is 2 years old, he is not a terrorist’

Auckland NZ (January 15, 2010): As per a NZ Herald report a 2-year-old New Zealand boy and his Indian-born mother were barred from India and, on their return to Auckland, delayed for four hours and questioned after their names appeared on a terrorism blacklist.

After a 20-hour journey to New Delhi, Shubhneet Kaur, a New Zealand citizen from Manukau, and her son, Bachint Vir Singh, were turned back to New Zealand despite holding valid tourist visas for India. They pair arrived back in Auckland three days after their Monday evening departure – only to face a Customs interrogation about why they were on India’s list of possible terrorists.

“My wife and baby boy were treated like criminals,” said Ranvir Lali Singh, a builder, justice of the peace and secretary of the Auckland Sikh Society. “My son is just a 2-year-old baby and my wife is a housewife. “It is so ridiculous to even suggest they can be terrorists or pose a threat to India’s security.”

In Auckland, Mrs Kaur was repeatedly questioned by several people about why she and her son were denied admission into India, and every item of her luggage was searched. Despite pleas from Mr Singh from the arrivals lounge for the toddler to be released to him, the boy was kept with his mother throughout her ordeal.

Mrs Kaur walked out of the Auckland Airport arrivals hall in tears and was too distraught to speak when approached by the Weekend Herald. The 35-year-old has lived in New Zealand for 12 years and has been a citizen since 2003. Bachint was born in New Zealand in August 2007.
Their trip to India was meant to be a one-month holiday during which they were to attend a relative’s wedding and visit the little boy’s sick grandmother. “They have done absolutely nothing wrong, and how they have been treated is inhumane and unfair. This will not be the end of it,” Mr Singh said.“If their names are really on India’s watchlist, why did the Indian High Commission issue tourist visas for them to go to India? Wellington should have already picked that up if it was true.”

Mr Singh said he would lodge a formal complaint with the high commission and ask Labour Party foreign affairs spokesman Chris Carter, a former Minister of Ethnic Affairs, to raise the issue at a diplomatic level.

Yesterday, Mr Carter, who knows Mr Singh and Mrs Kaur, said he would be asking the Indian High Commissioner for answers at a meeting on Wednesday. “I could not imagine that they could be involved in any Sikh extremist activities, and I suspect it is a name similar to theirs that was on the India list.”

Mr Carter said he was angry with the Customs Service over the way it had treated the two New Zealand citizens. But a Customs spokesman said the Auckland delay had been caused by several factors including language issues, changing of shifts for officers and delays in checks and processing.

The Indian High Commission in Wellington said it was unaware of the incident. A spokesman said the India blacklist was of “undesirable persons”, including terrorists and those who had been involved with unlawful activities. “This may be a case where our list does not match with the one in India.”


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And someone on UNP was saying that I am wrong and liar, when I told that India doesn't give right to all Sikhs for visiting their Holiest Shrine, Shri Harmandir Sahib.


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That's a pretty dumb statement :p
How can a sikh whose name is in blacklist can visit Golden Temple?
So it proves that my statement is true, dumb or not that is a personal opinion.

There is a blacklist and due to that blacklist some Sikhs are denied the right to visit their holiest shrine.

BTW quoting and calling my post as dumb is direct insult of UNP member for which I received infraction once and another time I was banned for 7 days..................


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The blacklist exists for a reason, For some misunderstanding or whatever reason the mother-son duo were flagged. The custom official in India and then later in NZ did their job.
Almost all arriving passengers at Raja Sansi and a LOT of passengers at IGI are Sikhs, What % are sent back ?

As you have already reported my post I will let some senior team member decide the matter.


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i dont think that they were stopped only bcoz they belong to sikh religion, bcoz its a normal procedure for security agencies in each and every country to maintain blaclkists and misunderstanding can occur at any place

here is the case happened in US

How does an 8-year-old boy make it on the Terror Watch List?

8-year-old boy is on the terror watch list and gets stopped and search at every airport. The 8-year-old boy and parents don't understand how he got on the terror watch list in the first place.
We all know that there's a good chance we'll be searched when arriving at an airport. However, what if your name is on the terror watch list? Well, it happened to an 8-year-old boy from New Jersey. His name is Michael Hicks.
Authorities believe that Michael Hicks shared his name with a suspicious person. The boy gets stopped and searched at every airport. The problems began six years ago when the family tried to fly to Florida from Newark Liberty International Airport.
Airline staff said Michael's name was "on the list" and the boy was patted down and searched. He was just two years old at the time. Can you believe that?
Search Delays
Since then, he has found it hard to get on a flight without any problems. The search delays often mean the Hicks are the last to take their seats on planes and cannot sit together. Michael's name seems to be on a government watch-list of suspicious persons, which triggers a higher level of security screening than other passengers.
When he goes through security screening, he is always pulled off to the side and met with higher ranked security officials. The list is operated by the US Terrorist Screening Centre. Copies are passed to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which hands them out to airlines.
The TSA said, as a rule, there should not be any children on the list. Even so, it would not comment on Michael's case. After years of delays at check-in and waiting for clearance from security, the final straw came when the family recently flew to the Bahamas.
"We've tried everything to get him off this list and nothing has worked," Michael's mother Najlah Hicks said in a statement.
The Final Straw
Michael was searched on the way to the Bahamas and more forcefully on the way home. His mother felt her son was being treated like a terrorist. "He doesn't like being touched and he gets angry. One time he said, 'Don't worry mum, I know tae kwon do'," she said. In fact, there are times when he's pulled out of the line to be searched.
Mrs Hicks said she has done everything she can to get Michael off the list. "I know there is a need for security. But it shouldn't take eight years to get this fixed," she said. I can't imagine going to an airport knowing that you will be confronted with security. We're not talking about an adult, it's only an 8-year-old boy who's been going through this since age 2.
However, Michael is not alone, as more than 81,000 frustrated travelers have asked the Department of Homeland Security to remove their names from the list and there are 25,000 cases pending. The Hicks have set up a Facebook group called Get Mikey Off The List.

batth saab

Batth Saab
Hey guys just wanna tell that U CANT BLAME ANYONE!!! it all started in 1984 ..and we can see the results now !!this can happen with anyone ,all we can do to handle these kinda situations is to be aware ! that's it ...its not a fault of a single person ..indirectly you can even blame sant Jarnail Singh ji..So there is nothing we can do about this ...If there is any sikh who kills a hindu then why all hindus ae against sikhs???,if there is a hindu killing a sikh then why all sikhs be against hindus...and so is with muslims ..its like majority always force minority and as they are in more power..1984 happened because there are more hindus in india then sikhs,in punjab we misbehave with bhayias and same in maharashtra...point is still same they are malerkotla(my city) there is majority of muslims..and they stand by themselves...


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not fair..................yar india is great country but its being monitored by most corrupted administration in the world..........gareeb di koi v dalil te apeel nahi sunda ............te takda ( rich or well known) murder kar k free ho janda...........recently Rathore case.......jihde upper sirf mitti payi jandi aa CBI......sooner it will be closed....
I dont know what the flip is wrong with the people working at the Delhi Airport......

Last time i went there the guy who was just supposed to just "verify and stamp my documents" started askin me stupid questions about when i went to Canada, where do i live....and even what i do...LOL...even though i had a canadian passport and there was everything on it.

Me and my sister were travelling together and she had all the documents even mine....i was standing beside her...and when she handed over her documents....she put it in front of the guy on his desk.....and he told her to first pick them up and then seperate them and then hand it to him in the harshest voice possible. ( he sounded like the person who just just got hit by something his wife threw at him)

And then after he checked her documents(he did not ask her anything). He looked at my passport and told me to step up. He asked me "Sardarji kaha ja rahey ho"( at that point i felt like sayin check the passport u D******). I told him i was going home to my parents. At that point he asked me "When did i go to Canada"(totally unrelated question since i was not an indian citizen) I told him when and then he asked me if i knew hindi?..LOL( I think he thought that every person with a pagg is supposed to know hindi.) I said NO but i said i know how to speak punjabi and then as soon as i said yes he started talkin in hindi.......and askin me what i did in Canada(third unrelated question) and where i lived.

I felt that i was being treated like a person who was trying to get the cover of his sister......LOL...with illegal documents even though everything was fine with my documents and everything else.

That guy did not know how to talk properly(even in hindi his tone of voice did not change).

He kept asking me stupid questions and kept testing my patience even after he had checked my documents were totally fine.

How about the Indian government spend some money to better train these idiots rather than spending it on putting unrelated people on terrorist lists.


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Last time i went there the guy who was just supposed to just "verify and stamp my documents" started askin me stupid questions about when i went to Canada, where do i live....and even what i do...LOL...even though i had a canadian passport and there was everything on it.
eh questions sareya nu hi puche jande, kalle sikha to ni.

Mandeep Kaur Guraya

Indian Govt. da te beda gark hoyea peya hai..... jehde sachmuch terrorists ne oh tan assaani naal ehna de hathaan cho nikal jande ne.. te aam lokaan nu eh dukhi karde rahnde ne..... banda puchhe... list te naam paun lageyan tuhanu ni diseya ki ohh bacha hai ya vadda... te pai v gya tan... bache de maa baap bache da naam kyun ni change kar lainde... i dont think so ki eh bahut mushkil hai.... vaise eh aam lokaan nu tang karke khush rahnde ne.. te terrorists te crores kharach kar dinde ne sirf ohna da case chalaan layee example is MUmbai case ... shame on Indian Govt.
eh questions sareya nu hi puche jande, kalle sikha to ni.

meri sis toh tah puchea ni ik v question.....:kiven....

Maybe indian authorities prefer highlighted hair over a pagg?..lmfao..

Now dont tell me that the procedure is different for females and dint ask anything of my sis.....he just spoke rudely to her and told her to give him my passport.....and then he told ME to step up kept talkin to me in an unproffessional manner. Maybe he did not know any better or was trained to do this or was not trained enough......I dont know and frankly i dont care....... but that does not give him the right to talk trash in my opinion.

and you can tell from the person's way of talking and tone from where he is coming.

There are always two kinds of harrasment profiling or whatever you want to call it.

Intentional = open
Unintentional = hidden or disguised i.e systematically barring the person or making it difficult for the person to perform the desired task.

I find it funny when people try to sweep the issue under the carpet. Profiling at airports does exist...believe it or not. The extent to which it does might differ from places to places.
The Indian High Commission in Wellington said it was unaware of the incident. A spokesman said the India blacklist was of “undesirable persons”, including terrorists and those who had been involved with unlawful activities. “This may be a case where our list does not match with the one in India.”

And this just makes me laugh......i wonder what undesirable in this sentence means...LOL......undesirable minorties ?????

and whats up with having 2 different a different one to auckland and keep a different one in india???..LOL...