My Poems..!


When everything around is gloomy
Nothing seems to be working
I see your face, and
I know life is not all that depressing

When clouds of sadness envelope
Leaving no light
I think of you, and
My life is again bright

When things are not going my way
Everything seem to have failed
I see your face, and
I feel like the luckiest person in the world


Focusing on ________
haye haye thanku shanku :yahoo :yahoo

mainu vekh ke aaj kal tuseen poems likhde .. haye haye me blushy blushy :gig :gig :gig



My happiness rose above seven skies
When I saw immense love in your eyes
No soul can be happier on earth
For nothing compares my mirth

Caught in your enticing charms
I lost myself in your arms
Life seems so bright
Everything feels so right

On the thought of not having you by my side
Over a million tears, I have cried
Faith of your being by my side, for all the coming years
Wipes off all my fears

Never felt like this before
I no more care about what future has in store
For I know with my heart and soul
We will be together for the whole course



Silent words that envelope my head
Need a better way to be properly said
There are no appropriate words
To describe the feelings I ‘ve for you

Your thoughts have captured my mind
Nothing more enticing could anyone find
Ever since I have your hand
This world has been a wonderland

I love you, with all my heart
Promise me we will never be apart
Forever you will be mine
With your love my life will always shine

You brought along so many cheers
We will share our love for all the coming years
To me you are so dear
Wishing you a wonderful new year


Bangya tere nal rishta koi gehra
Har waqt rehnda e dil te tera pehra
Jad dian kitian akhiyan tere nal chaar
Shayad hogya menu uddon tun pyaar

Aaunda na dil nu kade wi karar
Rehnda e dil har pal bekarar
Kitta tun kita ki e mere yaar
Khaure hogya hai menu pyaar

Jayi na kadde methun dorr
Dil hathun han mein majboor
Din raat buna sapne mein tere
Chain awe na dil nu ik pal wi mere

Kitta tun ki e mere yaar..


aarzooo jhut hai, aarzoo freb hai, aarzoo ka dhoka khana nahina nahin.
khush rehna ho agar tumhe zindagi mein to, dil kisi se lagana nahin.


:an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an :an
Sadke te ridd vattiya
Sadke te ridd vattiya

Jinna yari nahio lai
Ohna duniya ch ki khatya :gig :gig :gig :gig



Every time I was sad
Your one hug
Would make me glad

Every time I felt down
Your one smile
Would wipe away every frown

Every time I was short of words
You knew
What I wanted to express

Every time I was afraid
You gave me hope
That helped me succeed

With every tear
With every sigh
With every fear
I realise what you are..