My kiss with snake best till date, says Mallika Sherawat

Saini Sa'aB

Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat, known for her bold persona both on screen and off it, locks lips with a snake in her upcoming film Hisss and says that it was her best kiss till date.

"I had to kiss a snake. It was a rainy scene and I had to shoot the sequence with the snake. And believe me that was my best on-screen kiss till date," Mallika told PTI.

The actress essays the role of a nagin, (a snake woman) in Hisss that hit screens tomorrow.

"This film most certainly will be hotter and bolder than my previous films," Mallika said, adding, audiences can expect more from Hisss as it "surpasses Murder and Khawish in terms of oomph."

Directed by Jennifer Lynch, the film also features Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta in key roles.

Mallika, who is busy promoting Hisss, admitted that, her brother objected to her nude scenes in the film. "I know what I am doing..It is my job after all," she said.

The actress went on to say, "Hisss is the first nagin film after a long break of over 20 years. It is indeed the sexiest and also the scariest.

"My movie is quite different from the previous naagin movies. It is a modern day naagin film replete with special effects, sound and graphics. You can see the transformation from a snake into human and from human to a snake," she said.

About her character, the actress said, "I play the role of a naagin, whose mate has been captured and she is out seeking revenge from the culprits."

Mallika feels Hisss is going to be a hit abroad because of foreigner's fascination with Indian mythology.

"I think the film will be a great hit abroad as 'naagin' is known to be the "fertility goddess" and people are very fascinated with the mythological stories from India," she said.