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Chardi Kala
Haven't you always wondered how "Americanisms" would sound like if they were translated literally to an
average Indian on, say, the streets of Mumbai (or

Have a nice day! ----- * Achcha din lo!

What's up? ----- *Uppar kya hai?

You're kidding! ----- *Tum bachcha bana rahe ho!

Don't kid me! ----- * Mera bachcha mut banaao!

Yo, baby! What's up? -----* Beti Yo, uppar kya hai?

Cool man! -----* Thandaa aadmi!

Don't mess with me, dude.----- * Mere saath gandagee
mat karo, e vyakti.

She's so fine! ----- * Woh itnee baareek hai!

Listen buddy, that chick's mine, okay!?----- * Suno
dost, woh choozaa mera hai, theek?

Are you nuts? ----- * Kya aap akhrot hain?

Son of a gun.----- * Bachcha bandook ka.

And the best ones are.....

How do you do? ----- * Kaise karte ho?

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