Music Threads Corruption


I Think i am the only one who is getting the music threads mosty corrupted because i have never seen someone else saying that.

after downloading when i unrar the file its mosty (95%) corrupted. can anyone say anything about this. or there is problem in my side. for example i give the latest one

XS Bass - Amplified.

if my started threads r corrupted please let me know as well.

please do something for these kind of threads. :pr

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by corrupted u mean u are not able to play the file or the doesn't extract properly.
If you are not able to extract maybe file hasn't been fully downloaded and if isn't playing how about trying various codecs like mpc package or vlc one.

But whatever it is i am not getting any problems whatsoever.


naNOX9™ Hardcore
mainu aandi aa problem te ajjkal ta vaise kujh jada ee wadh gayi
mainpehlo vi keha kayi wari par baki kehnde ke sade ho rahi downloading :dn
hunterz, xbass te hoe albums mere to download ni hoyiya


i newly downloaded the Manak E E-class and i was not able to exract the files. and i haven't got any song. i don't know what to do.


MaaPeya Da LaaDLa
maybe problem in extracting the song ....inbstall the rar file extraction software again


i tried that too but no help still having the problem. why having the problem in extracting the files and i think it is in extracting any file from any website. i tried with one more website but still the same problem but extracted three songs from the zip file which i downloaded from other website. but from unp nothing is extracted i don't know why.


this quetions may have so many problems & have their solutions too

1. ja te net disconnect ho geya te baad wich automatically connect ho geya jis naal some files missing ho jandiyan ne te corrupt

3. tuhada winrar full nahi hovega jis karke mainly eh problem aaundi aa so uninstall karke rapidshare da link find karke new version of winrara karo hopefully is naal meri problem solve hogi sigi te hopefully tuhadi vi ho javve

meri manno taan je rapidshare link find karne aaunde ne taan eh new version install marro after complete uninstalling the old one