Munde UK De - Upcoming Punjabi Movie


One of the upcoming Punjabi Movie which i am really excited about is Munde U.K. De, a film by director Manmohan Singh.
It is about two guys who are born in U.K. and come to Punjab, India for the first time. Soon after their arrival, the two guys have a cultural shock of the two different worlds. It is about these guys realizing what their true culture and root are.

Kamal Mukut presented Munde UK De, is being produced by Mukutwala Creations in association with Punj-Aab Movies International.
The music is by Babloo Kumar and Sukhshinder Shinda and singers are Amrinder Gill, Jaswinder Jassi, Sardool Sikander, Sunidhi Chauhan, Labh Janjua, Sudesh Kumari, Pooja and Ravinder Garewal.
Lyrics are by Babu Singh Maan and Amarjeet Singh Musapuri.
One of the best parts is that the dialogues are written by Rana Ranbir, so one can expect good and healthy comedy in movie.

Jimmy Shergill as Roop: A cool and funky guy from U.K comes to Punjab to meet his grandfather with an intention and an assumption of India still living below poverty line. He is shocked to see his grandfathers lifestyle who is one the most richest and respectable person in
Punjab. With no intentions to marry an Indian girl, he is having a good time with his friend Ghuggi. That is until he meets Rani. A series of drama and romance makes him realize that he has been distant from Indian culture and will have to change himself to get Rani’s love.
Gurpreet Ghuggi as Ghuggi: Comedy and humour being his forte, Ghuggi brings out the comedy side in the movie with his one liners and comments. Roop’s best friend from U.K has come to Punjab to explore its rich culture and heritage. Being Roop’s best friend often lands him in trouble, but he manages to get out of it with his wits. He has a solution for Roop’s every problem.
Neeru Bajwa as Rani
: Rani, a simple girl from Punjab like any other girl is waiting for true love to come her way. Unfortunately for Roop, Rani completely ignores him as she feels that there is a huge cultural differences between them. The transformation that she witnesses in Roop makes her realize her mistake and admires Roop for his efforts to win her love. She struggles her way out to convince her father to let her marry Roop.

The movie also features Amrinder Gill and Rana Ranbir.
The movie is slated for release on April 10. 2009
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