‘mumbai attack to cripple progress’


Staff member
Chandigarh December 7:
Accusing Pakistan of funding, training and planning the terror attack on Mumbai, All India Anti-Terrorist Front chairman M.S. Bitta said here on Saturday, “This time Pakistan decided to attack Mumbai so that it could cripple the economic progress of the nation.”
Mr. Bitta emphasised the need for a security agency higher than the Intelligence Bureau, calling it useless. “I have been warning the government agencies that terrorists would exploit the porous water border and attack us via the sea, but no agency did anything.”
Mr. Bitta, a former All-India Youth Congress president, slammed politicians for their laid-back approach to terrorism, adding, “People like Patil and Deshmukh were responsible for the delay in sending the NSG commandos and also for reducing the NSG to the private security of a few VIPs.”
Mr. Bitta said although the Government had made a list of 21 terrorists that it wants Pakistan to hand over to India, no justice has been done to the ones we have. “I request that Afzal Guru be hanged in front of the Taj publicly, so that justice prevails. Else even if we get the 21 terrorists we want, we will have to free them every time terrorists take Indians hostage,” he warned.
Mr. Bitta acknowledged that all corporate houses provide political parties with huge amounts of money as political donation to ensure their safety, “but the way ten boys raided the peace of the biggest hotel in the country, how do the politicians plan to ensure the safety of trade and commerce in the country?”
Mr. Bitta blamed the poor quality of bulletproof jackets as the reason behind many deaths. “Every corrupt official who has signed on the purchase and selection of those jackets must be made to wear those jackets in front of the Taj and then it should be checked if the jackets are bulletproof enough?” he said.
Speaking about the change in the mindset of the common man, Mr. Bitta said, “Today the agenda has shifted from development and infrastructure to personal security. The people of the country are not sure if they will be able to return home.” “If the Army is the only saviour of the common man,” he added, “then the politicians should let the Army rule the country for a year to begin with.”