MP: Pak govt concerned over migration of hindus to india


Staff member
Attari March 24:

The Pakistan Government was concerned about the migration of Hindus to India and trying to persuade them not to leave Pakistan. This was stated by Haresh Chopra, a Pakistan MP and member of the Board of Governors, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, who crossed over to India through the Attari-Wagah joint checkpost on a personal visit.

“During the recent annual speech, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari had expressed deep concern over the killing of Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti and subsequent threats to the minority communities,” he claimed, adding that the Pakistan Government was serious about providing security to the minorities.

Talking to reporters, he said: “Not only the minorities, but all the communities, including the Muslims, has suffered due to a spurt in terrorist attacks in various parts of the neighbouring country. But the government is trying to provide security and helping out its every national.”

He claimed that during Army operations in the Khybar areas of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, the government had provided shelter, food and other essential commodities to the minorities and after the completion of the operation, it also helped them to return to their homes. When asked about the migration of Hindus to India, he said only those persons were leaving the country who felt themselves weak.

He claimed the Pakistan Government had expressed concerned over this trend and gave an assurance to the minorities for all the possible steps for their peaceful livelihood. “We are also taking up their issues with the government,’ he pointed out. Meanwhile, a 365-member jatha, led by Gobind Ram Makhija, today crossed over to India to visit various religious shrines.