MP: Drunk father beats daughter, dumps body in river after she commits suicide

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Police have arrested a man in Chargawan village of Jabalpur district in Madhya Pradesh for dumping the body of his 13-year-old daughter in the Narmada river after she committed suicide.
The accused, Ajay Singh Lodhi alias Ajju, stuffed his daughter’s body in a gunny bag and weighed it with stones before throwing it into the river September 13, police said.
On the day of incident the accused in a drunken condition beat up his wife and daughter over a trivial issue, Chargawan police station town inspector Rajendra Bagri said.
Hurt by her alcoholic father’s attitude the girl hanged herself, he said.
To cover his tracks, Lodhi lodged a missing person report for his daughter with the Chargawan police station on September 15.
But when the police started the investigation, the changing statements of the accused and other family members made them suspicious.
Under sustained grilling, the accused confessing to dumping the body in the river, the town inspector said.
The body was thrown from a bridge into the river at Malkachar-Bhadpura close to Chargawan, some 45 kilometers from Jabalpur.
The accused told the police that he had taken help of other family member to dump the body, Bagri said.
The search for the body by a team of divers is continuing.