Mozilla releases Firefox 1.1 for Nokia N900 and N810, Video


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Here comes Firefox 1.1 web browser for Maemo-based devices such as the Nokia N810 and the more recent Nokia N900. There are only a few new things brought by the latest mobile version of the popular web browser but those are certainly worth a look.

While the iPhone is still waiting for its first own Firefox version, the Nokia N900 has just got its second release. On top of the features known from v1.0, the Firefox 1.1 packs some new goodies such as portrait browsing and add-ons auto-update.

Zooming in and out now happens not only by double-tapping on the touchscreen or by using the QWERTY keyboard shortcuts but with the volume rocker’s help as well. The new version also lets you save web pages as PDF files.

The following video reveals those and a few more new details brought by Mozilla’s Firefox 1.1 for Nokia N900:

[ame=]YouTube - Firefox 1.1 for the Nokia N900

If you own a Nokia N900 or an N810 and you’ve liked what you’ve just seen, you can visit on your device and download the Maemo-loving Firefox 1.1 straight away.

Firefox 1.1 for Nokia N900 Release Notes