moving on ..


is it impossible at times? or just too hard? or is it a conscious decisionto be made? or is it giving up to an urge to hang on to sumthing beautiful u had or cud have had?


Focusing on ________
it feels impossible nd u want to resist change ... dnt want to move on ... even tho u think ur styll stuck there ... everything moves on .. and u know it or u dnt but u have moved on too ...

hard yes it is .. bcuz the beautiful times .. nd rite now in a hard time .. so naturally ull have a tendency to linger on to not at all let go of that something beautiful something u've luved crazily .. nd thinking of that the future ... daydreaming beckons u .. wat it culd all have led to had everything gone well ...

the thoughts bring tears to ur eyes nd u realize its all a part of u .. how those beautiful memories nd thoughts nd da hard times now make u wat u r .. u can never let go of it all cuz its a part of u .. so it all comes to making a conscious decision .. but heart rules da head nd vice versa ... so how effective is the conscious decision ?

r u thinking its a never ending maze ?

life's like that ...


accept the facts, treasure good memories... but don't let them keep you from making new memories :um