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Codename 47
Hellow everyone,

Je tusi koi movie dekhi te jive di tuhanu laggi , changi ya buri apne shabda ch 2-3 lines ch dasso ta jo agle bande nu pata chal jave ki eh dekhan wali hai ya nahi.

If you have watched any movie recently , did you like it or not? would you mind sharing a line or two with us so that we can make sure if its worth or not

Thanks :)


Codename 47
Double Dhamaal

Movie is appropriate for normal audience. thodi jahi overacting vi si. Movie di Story line kuch khas nahi laggi. Thodi jahi bore/Gapp vi dikhayi hegi
Overall it was alright movie. not that Great


Codename 47
Fast five (2011)

Fast and the furious: when you hear this word you think of Action and lots of cars. The movie was awesome with lots of action and lots of cars. It did lack some of the car races that you would love to see in one of these. Overall 4 out of 5


Codename 47
Bhindi Bazaar (2011) Hindi

Movie is all about gangsters. Gangwars and then getting on top.
Mumbai di movie hai and is wich 2 groups di lagdi hundi aa and ek duje nu maar ke upar pahunchan di agg lagi hundi hai. Dosti ta sirf dikhawa hai. Baki is movie ch kafi Adult scenes ne I would never recommend this movie to anyone. There are better ones


Codename 47
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D

Story line is pretty good, about 2.5 hours long movie. Full of action and bit of funny scenes in there.
I would say its way better then 2nd part (revenge of the fallen).
Must watch movie, 3 D I watched but doesn't make tht great difference, might just watch a normal 2 D movie


Codename 47
Delhi Belly 2011

Its actually made for mature audience and most of the movie is in english (dubbed in Hindi for Indian audience).
Movie is like Hangover style alot of swearing , funny as well. Story line was not that great. Its for the youth not for family.Some Awkard scenes in the movie makes it inappropriate for Indian cinema.
I'd give 7 out of 10.


Codename 47
Buddah hoga tera baap (2011)

Movie wadia si, good story line. Hasi majaak vi si. Hema Malini, Raveena Tandon and Amitabh bachhan did a great part of the act.
Its about gangster wars with police chief and then tragedy happens at the end.
Pretty good movie.
8 out of 10


Prime VIP
Yaar Anmlle (2011)

A story of three friends - Guri, Deep and Sher Singh - who are studying in a university and are staying together in the hostel of the same university. The movie explores this very friendship between these three boys as they spend their student days doing all the usual things that students normally do. They do everything together - bunking classes, getting into fights with a rival group, talking and laughing over numerous cups of tea - and they even fall in love together. However, the love stories of all the three friends turn out to be complicated. Written by Anterpreet Singh


Saheb Biwi aur Gangster: Awesome Movie! Don't miss it. Love, Betrayal & Revenge makes great drama. 4/5.

Loved the Jugni Song... "Jugni dam saheb da bhardi par e pyaar yaar nu kardi"


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Saheb Biwi aur Gangster hmmm yeah mahie gill did some nice bold scene lol
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Gay Rukh khan ki movies...full craaaaaaaap

sada haq ithe rakh :rs

just come to know desiboyz also a gud movie