movie review Triple dose of dirty things 'Kya Kool Hain Hum 3'

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Ratingः 2.5 Direction Umesh Ghadge Artist Tushar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani Mndana Karimi

Adult comedy in Bollywood are being made ​​and getting hit. It was important that these movies are one-man oriented. This is a man Jhaveri solder. Most movies are writing the same story. 'Fun', 'Grand Masti' after writing films like 'Kya Kool Hain Hum 3' (written dialog) brings. Then he had directed the film 'Mstijade' is coming. Overall Adult comedy movies are the only person Ird revolving.

So there will be pressure on him to do something new, and therefore a step in furtherance of the adult comedy has stepped into the world of porn comedy. In the film connected to a world of fun for everyone who is involved in life, but no one wants to talk about publicly. Anyway, there is no need to set the film in the brain because the brain-the laugh will be difficult.

How much merit in the story
are two porn star Aftab and blight. One of them is love. The girl is the love, her father are conventional thinking. So it is bound to be problematic. And when the family is ready Porn Lundon its members are from the porn industry. Then a strange family that is composed majesty production is a far cry from the family but does try to be the same. The film takes the fun side. The story comes to dirty jokes just to show the story hatched because every scene seems like a joke. Fully jokes like those who are often on mobile stock can tingle. Adult certificate name appears quite something. However, the number of Bollywood stars make fun of movies and has also been shown and even Salman Khan could not have survived.

Star appeal
Tushar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani Adult comedy films have come a long way in the genre of tax. Sex with their emotions and actions have fun. But acting can not expect much from them. Mndana Karimi is not much to do for again. Jisel, Mndana and Klaudia's main task is to expose the director participated proactive. Krishna Abhishek is a good comedian and are often seen on TV in the film, he has also shown his hand well. All the stars in the movie business, he is generous because they do not lose anything in terms of career, just the desire to get something is.

Speaking of earning
a budget of Rs 15 crore. Being told. The dance numbers are good, ranging from film and music are created by focusing on young people to frown. The first two films of the series is. But this week will remain important because next week to film Sunny *****'s 'Mstijade' releases, it also is a sex comedy. As it is the largest number of young people who are going to the movies. In the wake of the film's adult content Youth Connections and the Youth Film Vulgar or not pressed chip hat-trick of success may seem amusing then film.
Jalbaji Kuj khna Gal Hou Mere Khyal Che Ajj Kal Pol Muda cheti bnda :p
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