Motorola Defy Features and specifications


Waheguru Waheguru
  • The new Motorola DEFY Android Smartphone has now been introduced. What makes the Motorola DEFY different is the rough and tough look and feature. The mobile is dust, water and dirt resistance, So, till now if you had to take extra care of your expensive Smartphone, with DEFY, your can be content of it being perfectly fine in every situation. In short, DEFY, is the best combination of Style and strength.

  • Motorola DEFY is impregnated with amazing features which includes, 3.7 inch WVGA display screen. It is a high resolution screen running Android 2.1 version Operating System. The rounded edges and the wide screen, makes this phone rest stylishly in your hand.
  • The camera is of 5.0 Mps, USB 2.0, 512 MB RAM, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, 800 MHz Processor and 2GB memory card. The slot for USB, SIM and other connections are covered with rubber covers to protect it from dirt and dust. Unlike all the other mobile phones, this phone is water resistance. social networking now, becomes all the more efficient and unrestricted with Motorola DEFY.

    One of the main attraction DEFY is the Gorilla glass screen. This makes the phone scratch resistance. Now you can be absolutely tension free is your kids are have a nice time with your new DEFY.

    This touchscreen smartphone is a complete package which one can carry with oneself in every place and with all the tough and stylish exterior and intelligent interior Motorola DEFY is a must have.