No love stronger then mother's love,
croons around an preens like a dove
unpaired is the bond on this earth
naught in creation can match her worth
Perennial tie that heaven has made,
caressing the lock, tress and braid
As she labors to bring forth life
bond uncut with the keenest knife
Mother’s love is an endless song
sung every day and all night long
Oblivious she to the vagaries of time
her lullabies ring an eternal rhyme
whenever her brood need her there
she’s always close with her prayer
mother's love is an endless bloom
Eternal spring to the day of doom
HIS devise, God bless our Mothers
Unrivaled, apart, from all HIS others
God, bless each an all of them
in their womb, HIS will doth stem
all the tears and pain that they share,
each bite of the lip for that they care
She’s special as daughter and as wife
GOD then blows in the crucible of life
Dots her kids in an endless dance
joyous and pleased at every prance
at this she’ll never bask at all
only wipes her tears at our every fall
When her days, are over an done
then we know that she was the one

BY: saddat Tahir
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