Most world's dangerous spots to swim

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Northern Shore on Oahu (Hawaii)
A paradise-like shore does not hide its dangers.

Waters on the north shore of Oahu are filled with dangerous sea animals. The most dangerous creatures you can meet there are Tiger and Galapagos sharks.

Victoria Falls (Zambia)
If you lack extreme adventures, just swim in the "Devil's Swimming Pool".

328-feet Victoria Falls attracts tourists from all around the world. Tourists are attracted not by the huge waterfall but mainly by its so-called "Devil's Swimming Pool". This natural pool is found on the edge of the waterfall and only a little piece of rock prevents swimmers from falling down the Victoria Falls.

Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands, Micronesia)
Nuclear radiation is not seen but dangerous.

Bikini Atoll which is located on Marshall Islands is a quiet place, free of dangerous wild creatures. It seems to be an ideal place for family vacation. However do not hurry buying a tour to this exotic place, as between 1946-1958, the US had been testing their nuclear weapon there. The level of radiation contamination is still high.

Plaza Bolinas (California)
Paradise for surfers and sharks.

Bolinas beach seems to be overrun with white sharks. Sharks here can be seen from the beach. You can even see how they hunt seals. Though attacks on humans are rare, never neglect safety measures. The rule is simple: never swim at night, at dusk and alone. Also never go swimming if you have a bleeding wound

Amazon Basin
No other place in the world can boast of having such great variety of wild creatures.

Amazon Basin is overrun with dangerous underwater creatures like electric eels, caimans and piranhas. However, the most dangerous of all these creatures is freshwater catfish that can penetrate into male sex organ or into other body cavity.

Khao Sok National Park (Thailand)
If you love extreme camping, welcome to Khao Sok National Park.

Even if you are not afraid to meet sharks, giant mosquitoes, huge millipedes and dangerous leeches, camping in Khao Sok National Park without getting professional advice is not wise. It is one of the most dangerous spots on earth.

Queensland (Australia)
Dangers are lurking around every bend.

Waters in Queensland are infested with poisonous marine animals. Scorpion fish, octopuses, cubic jellyfish and poisonous shells are only a few of many dangers awaiting for you in Queensland waters. Every year about 2 hundred people die from jellyfish burns.

Hanakapiai Beach (Kauai, Hawaii)
This is the case when appearance is deceiving.

The place which looks like paradise on earth is a death trap. Wild reptiles and strong waves have taken the lives of over eighty visitors. The only safety measure is staying away of this place.

Shired Island (Florida)
One of the most polluted beaches in the world.

This place is dangerous not for its wild inhabitants, but for a number of dangerous diseases (including skin infections, respiratory diseases and hepatitis) you risk getting if swimming in the waters around Sired Island.