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Christmas Tree Made of Beer Bottles (Changzhou, China)

This 10-meter tall Christmas tree is placed in China’s city of Changzhou. The unusual tree is made of 1000 beer bottles and is decorated with snowflake-shaped wires. If you have a few extra bottles of beer you can decorate your home with a smaller version of the Chinese Christmas tree.

Chocolate Christmas Tree ()

The world’s largest chocolate Christmas tree was made by the Italian candy-makers in 2007. This 6-meter tall tree was made of 60 kilograms of chocolate and weighed a ton. Making a chocolate Christmas tree was a great idea, as chocolate is loved by kids and adults.

Backed Christmas Tree (London, UK)
Warburtons presented the first baked Christmas tree in London.

This sweet Christmas tree can be seen on London’s Southbank. Warburtons’ bakers spent 50 hours baking 2,500 goodies for creating their 12-feet tall tree. Such Christmas tree was baked to present the launch of Warburtons’ new Christmas-themed packing.

LED Lights Christmas Tree (Singapore)
Take a few thousands of LED lights and you will get a stunning Christmas tree

This impressive Christmas tree was raised in Singapore in 2010. The 6-story high tree was made up of LED lights. Visitors could walk inside the tree and watch the LEDs from inside.

Christmas Tree Made of Teddy Bears (Beijing)
It happens that presents grow on the trees

In 2007 a shopping center in Beijing impressed their visitors with an unusual Christmas tree made up of white teddy bears. The top of that Christmas construction was decorated with a big red bear with a bow tie made of over 5 million diamonds.

Glass Tree (Murano, Venice)
This is the world’s biggest Christmas tree ever made of glass tubes.

This 9-meters tall Christmas tree was made up of 1 thousand glass tubes and 2 thousand metal rods. The impressive work of art that was created in 2006 is still recognized as the highest glass Christmas tree in the world.

Christmas Tree Made of Saucepans (Germany)
Stop using saucepans for cooking!

The idea of creating this unusual Christmas tree belongs to the famous German cookware manufacturer Fissler. The tree was made out of 5 hundred pots. The main decoration of that Christmas tree was a custom-made pan with 18-carat gold handles and 270 diamonds. That was the most expensive Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Made of Bicycles (Sydney)
Don’t rush throwing your old bicycle! It is a great material for a Christmas tree

This Christmas tree made up of recycled bicycles appeared in Sydney in 2010. Creators of this masterpiece have spent eight weeks working on their project. Old bikes were provide by the recycling group CMA corporation, who are greatly concerned about the environmental pollution.

Underwater Christmas Tree (Tokyo)
Christmas is everywhere, and even underwater

The underwater Christmas tree was placed in a large fish tank in Tokyo’s Sunshine International Aquarium in 2002. The underwater Christmas spirit was deepened by the presence of a diver dressed like Santa

Christmas Tree Made of Recycled Materials (Sao Bernardo del Campo)
A great contribution to the environmental protection.

Since the environmental pollution is a huge problem of mankind, residents of Sao Bernardo del Campo decided do their bit for the environment and created their Christmas tree out of recycled materials. This stunning 15-meters tall piece of art is made of hundreds coffer of packages, 5.000 tin cans and 15.000 plastic bottles.