Most Impressive Castle of the World - Himeji


- dEsPeraTe cRaNky -
Himeji Castle, also called Shirasagijo alias White Heron Castle due to its white outer walls, is most impressive and complet castle in Japan. Himeji Castle was never destroyed in wars, earthquakes or fires and survives in its original form. Himeji Castle includes 83 structures that are recognised as National Treasures. The Himeji Castle is constructed 45.6 meters high on the top of sea level, and on the hill known as Himeyama. Himeji Castle dates to 1333, when Akamatsu Norimura built a fort on top of the hill. The castle in its current form was completed by Ikeda Terumasa in 1610. If any enemies had entered the castle, they would hard found the complicated path to the main tower, becouse of the maze. Castle lies just 20 minutes walk from the Himeji Station. The castle opens from 9:00 am and closes at 4:00 pm in the evening. The entry fee is 600 yen.