Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in the World............


Here’s the list of most beautiful Botanical Gardens in the world. As we know, we all need plants in this world. Some people in the world do farming and gardening in the world for their life. But some of them use plants for relaxing and fun. One of the interesting part of plants is botanical garden. Most of country in the world have their own botanical garden. We can enjoy the beauty of the botanical garden while we can learn about plant. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world.
10. Versailles, France
Versailles Garden in France is 101 hectares garden that riddled with paths that lead to flower beds, quiet corners decorated with classical statuary, ornamental lakes.
Versailles, France

9. Singapore Botanic Garden
Considered as one of the world’s most beautiful botanical garden, the Singapore Botanic Garden was founded in 1859. It is on 128 hectares. The National Orchid Garden located in the middle, on the highest point of the park, where more than 60,000 colorful orchid blooms.
Singapore Botanic Garden

8. Descanso Gardens California
Only 20 minutes drive outside Los Angeles you’ll find a rural paradise with more than 100,000 plants and one of the world’s largest collection of camellia. The gardens and wood from Descanso revealed in more than 65 hectares of hilly San Raefel. You can use this botanical garden as agriculture guide also as various of plants grow here.
Descanso Gardens, California

7. Butchart Gardens, British Columbia
Butchart Garden is a fascinating example of a successful reclamation project. It spread to 22 hectares area that filled with 700 Kinds of plants that bloom from March until October.
Butchart Gardens, British Columbia

6. Villa D’Este, Italy
Villa d ‘Estewas is decorated with one of the most interesting and complex fountain park in the world. It has avenue with hundred fountains, where the heads of animals, flowers, lilies, a small boat, groove, and all the water gushing forth.
Villa D'Este, Italy

5. Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C
You may feel as you have entered the Merchant-Ivory set in one of the gardens that make up this estate at the north end of Georgetown, one of the best Washington neighborhood.
Dumbarton Oaks Washington D.C

4. Villa Ephrussa de Rothschild, France
It is filled with olive trees, lavender and other flower. It’s a short garden, with the statue that’s too large to be displayed at the villa. The garden is filled with flowers from Spain and Japan also that make up this garden become exotic.
Villa Ephrussa de Rothschild, France

3. Sourhead Warminister, England
To the English aristocracy of the 18th century, something more classic could be better. Stourhead is a grand example of polite fascination with the past.
Sourhead Warminister England

2. The Master of Nets Garden, China
This botanical garden is located in the southeast of China, calls Wangshiyuan in Chinese. It was designed during the Song Dynasty. It’s a compilation of music room pavilion, hall, using several bamboo grooves, and perched waterside all set in natural harmony.
The Master of Nets Garden, China

1. Sans Souci Potsdam, Germany
Frederick the Great of Prussia built rococo palace along with its botanical garden as a summer place, where he could live without a care. Sans Souci has a feature like Statue of Roman emperor, decorative sculpture, various flowers and a luxury Chinese tea house.
Sans Souci Potsdam Germany