More embarrassment in store for Kejriwal as cops begin probe

Miss Alone

Prime VIP

The embarrassment to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has not come to an end with the removal of Sandeep Kumar as women and child development minister following the coming out in the open of a sleaze CD allegedly involving the latter. In fact, more embarrassment, in instalments, is in store for Kejriwal for a long time to come.
The Crime Branch of the Delhi Police, which is controlled by the BJP-ruled Centre, has launched an investigation into the sex CD case. The Crime Branch will probe the authenticity of the "objectionable CD" in which the minister is seen in a compromising position with two women.
Apparently, the investigation will be a long drawn one. The police will not betray any haste in arriving at a conclusion. On the contrary, the investigation is likely to be conducted in leisure.
As and when some juicy information would be obtained, they will be leaked to the media to embarrass Kejriwal and the AAP government in the Delhi to deal maximum damage to their image. The rivals such as the BJP and Congress, in turn, would derive political mileage out of this episode.

The police said it will interrogate all those involved in the case. Most likely Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia would also be questioned because they had watched the CD before Sandeep Kumar was removed. This would be embarrassing for the CM and his deputy.

The probe will be a long one. It will be carried out in two phases. In first phase, whisteblowers will be questioned and efforts will be made to identify the women.
In second phase, Sandeep Kumar will be questioned. If the members of the families of the women register a complaint, a criminal case would be registered against the former minister under various sections.
Sandeep Kumar will be quizzed on the motive for making the video with women. Special teams of the Crime Branch will be constituted for the purpose. They will explore the possibility of Sandeep Kumar preparing the sleaze CD and clicking selfies to blackmail the women.
The Centre has made a move. Now, Kejriwal has just one option to minimise the damage to him and his government - that of expelling Sandeep Kumar from AAP.
However, so far Kejriwal has not expelled any of the three ministers whom he has removed from their posts - the then law minister Jitendra Singh Tomar who was arrested on the charges of having fake degrees, the then environment and food minister Asim Ahmed Khan for allegedly demanding a bribe of Rs 6 lakh from a builder and Sandeep Kumar.

But till then happens, the Centre would like to keep the pot boiling so that Kejriwal and the AAP feel the heat.