Monsoon Glory - Part 3


By k19dslipknot1 (Karan Dutt)

Rowdy rains wicked
My only protector
Rainbow drenched umbrella

By k19dslipknot1 (Karan Dutt)

Reflections and silhouettes
Light, black and crazed colors
Painted on the pavement

By rajy3k (Rishi Sharma)

Traffic snarls scare toy cars
Prodigal rains return to Mumbai
Cold clothes. Warm hearts

By Pratik Biyani

Party scooter
Music plays the road
All signals turned green

By Glenn Xavier

Dark clouds crowd
Memories suffocate
Black dog shivers

By nidthecooldude (sreenidhi)

Black roads bleed rivers
Sidewalks trample dreams
The red cocoon croons

y abhiphoto_25 (Abhijit Pal)

Gossamer winged nets
Big fish catch
Sipping blue ocean suds

By almou09 (Moumita Das)

One thousand colored sunsets
Silver twilight drop
Each one sleeps and pops

By Chea N Sangma

Orphaned slippers
Sobbing wet souls
New owner has clean feet

By sigmaggn (vishal sharma)

Rains are a Godsent
Children fly with angels
Fall on earth muddied

By sandesh83

Dragons weeping
Warrior on two-wheeled wagon
Wades deep too late to sleep

Sky heavy with firewater
Dropped loads
The earth was light

By Iam Nitin K

Was it dusk or dawn?
Twilight giving birth to moonlight
Too happy to care


By roshan_ushus (Roshan Rajendran)

Dirty pond
Tadpoles tickling paws
Too tired to doggy-paddle?

By sandeep menon2006

One lonely plough
Green and gravel
Feed thousand hungry mouths

By Pranesh Vittal

With no stomachs
Would we work in fields?
Plant daffodils and pink orchids