Monsoon Glory - Part 1


By Joseph Jayanth

Drops of heaven.

By jayesh.varghese

Monsoon journey to nowhere.

By yashdhingra

Earth, water, sky. Magic!

By [ PV ]

Lush green+pure droplets= one pretty picture.

By Manie Bhatia

One crushed flower. A shattered dream or a life in bloom.

By sankeerth_619

The wind sings a new song when the rains come to play.

By D-sign (guru of logos)

Each drop a diamond changing color and shape.


Drop Explosion.....

By बोम्बल्या फ� …

A sight for sore eyes or a sore soul.

By anand374

A rainbow paints the mountain and floods a lake.

By jayesh.varghese

How can dark clouds brighten any day? Only when they are pregnant with the promise of rain.

By Tejas Gokhale

Proof that there is a God.

By sandeep menon2006

The golden hour

By Tejas Gokhale

The sky wore its finest when the monsoons came to visit