Modi offers water to Bhagwant Mann


Dhillon Sa'aB™
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered a glass of water to AAP member Bhagwant Mann, who was protesting in Lok Sabha against the CBI raids on Delhi government secretariat where chief minister Arvind Kejriwal sits.

Mann, who was shouting slogans in the well, felt uneasy and was apparently looking for water on the table of Lok Sabha secretariat officials who sit in the well.

A smiling Modi offered him the glass of water kept on his table which the AAP member readily drank. The two exchanged smiles before Mann kept the glass on the table and the PM put the cover on it. Several BJP members thumped their desks at the PM's gesture.

Mann, thereafter, continued to raise anti-government slogans.

The AAP member from Sangrur constituency in Punjab had been showing a bunch of papers to Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to attract her attention. At one point, the Speaker warned Mann and said his behavior was "not good".

Mann was standing near the Prime Minister's seat when the incident occured.

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, wanted to know what occured. She went into a peal of laughter after getting the details.

External affairs miniser Sushma Swaraj, seated in the front row along with the PM and other leaders, was also seen laughing.

While Mann and Sandhu Singh of AAP, as also some Congress members, were raising slogans in the well, another party member Dharmveer Gandhi was standing on his bench holding a placard demanding renaming of Chandigarh airport after freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.