Mobile File Loader v0.1.21 J2ME - Youtube Downloader


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Mobile File Loader v0.1.21 J2ME For All Device

Mobile File Loader aims for a simple mobile app to load files from several internet platforms, e.g. clips fromyoutube, and save them as file on your cellphone. Search youtube, chose the format, download! Play the video with your native player.


- Youtube support (More sites support to be added)
- Save in multiple formats (flv,flashlite,3gp)**
- Download in different qualities (good, bad)**
- Concurrently download more than 1 file.

** Depends upon the video and may not be available for all videos.

How to:

Step 1: Search youtube for a video to download.
Step 2: Review the search results and select a clip
Step 3: Select one of the available youtube video formats
Step 4: Watch the download progress or ...
Step 5: Make another search and select a second video ...
Step 6: And download it concurrently.

NOTE: Guys very less information is available on the authors website and the phone compatibility list is unknown. Kindly test it and post results whether working or not.