Dessert Mixed Fruit Yogurt Brulee

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Peach:- 1
Plums:- 2
Pineapple slice:- 3
Thick yogurt:- 2 cups
Castor sugar (caster sugar):- 4 tablespoons
Vanilla essence a few drops
Brown sugar as required


Step 1
Halve the peach, remove seed and roughly chop. Halve the plums, remove seeds and roughly chop. Roughly chop pineapple. Put the fruits into a mixer jar and grind coarsely. You can serve the dessert either in shot glasses or in ramekin moulds. Half fill the shot glasses or ramekin moulds or both with the fruit puree.

Step 2
Mix yogurt with castor sugar well. If you wish you can add a little vanilla essence and mix. Pour the yogurt over the fruit puree. Top with brown sugar and melt it with a brulee torch. Let it cool slightly before serving.
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