Minebea Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard

Minebea, a Japanese multinational corporation and producer of machinery components and electronics devices, has recently launched its new flat keyboard called as Cool Leaf with the model name of CLKB-01.

The Cool Leaf keyboard is a functional next-generation input device that comes with innovative design and the entirely flat mirror-like surface with a capacitive touch panel.

It measures 383 x 17 x 128mm and 108 keys with Japanese language supports. By comparing to the conventional keypads or keyboards, Cool Leaf can be cleaned by simply wiping the flat surface and it is best to fix for business or personal users where cleanliness is important.
When the keyboard is turned off, the surface of the keyboard will bounce like a mirror.

Additionally, Minebea will also release Cool Leaf input to other digital devices in the near future, which might include the calculators, remote control and so on.

It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 while the Macintosh version will be released soon.

It will available at retail outlets in Japan from May 13th 2011, according to rumors, this keyboard will be priced for $245.