Microsoft’s Next Generation Windows 8 Plans Revealed

With the release of Windows 7 less than six months ago, there have been some speculations that Microsoft is already in the process of planning and developing the next generation of Windows, Windows 8.
At this point in time, there isn’t any official announcement coming from Microsoft about the upcoming release of Windows 8.

However, the Italian website “Windowsette” has managed to get access to a highly confidential PowerPoint presentation about Microsoft’s goals and plans for Windows 8.
The said slides outlined confidential details including some studies about Apple’s marketing strategy which focuses on ways on how to come up with a product that will catch the attention of consumers and will make them buy the product eventually.
It seems thatMicrosoft is trying to achieve the same status that Apple has when it comes to its products.

According to the slides, the typical time to release Windows 8 is late 2011 or early 2012. The final list of Windows 8 features has not yet been detailed but is expected to come out in late 2010. A lot of new ideas and innovations are being considered for Windows 8 and some of them include the following:

  • a new networking and security features which considers the use of users account being the primary means of identifying the user and integrating facial recognition technologies to log users into the computer
  • multimonitor support that will allow the handling of two or more screens at the same time
  • expected to run on ARM and Qualcomm Snapdragon chips that is usually found in smartphones
  • enhancement on the start up and boot process of Windows 8 making it as fast as possible
  • the inclusion of a Windows App store which enables the discovery of new applications online and getting them from a reliable and trusted repository
  • considering the connection of Windows accounts to the cloud which will it make possible for you to keep track of your preferences, e-mail account and other info from system to system
  • a newly defined feature to combine logoff + hibernate to result in a new off state for energy saving
  • the inclusion of a push button for resetting that will easily reinstall Windows while maintaining your personal files, applications and settings
Apparently, as laid on the details presented in its PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft is really serious on making Windows 8 to be something to really look forward to and captivate the attention of almost all people from all walks of life. From hobbyist to professionals, surely they will findWindows 8 amazing.
New ideas, advance technology and an intention to make consumers completely satisfied, this is Microsoft’s ultimate goal with the development and release of Windows 8. Let’s just wait and see what Windows 8 can really offer.

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what a piece of shit tho... i hate the direction operating systems are going. personaly i dont like this fancy graphical crap. im still running winxp with all the themes and visual effects turned off.

what are you gona do tho, this is the direction computers are going. computers are no longer going to be PCs like they are now. they are going to be "appliances." Every pc is going to be super simplified to be stupid friendly. Programs will no longer be like they are now. Everything will be an "app" or completely web based.