Microsoft's mysterious OS


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Since 2007, Microsoft has been involved in developing an alternative open source operating system. The project name Barrelfish.In its fourth year living Barrelfish still going strong. Right now the developers are looking more colleagues will be using a doctorate on the project, so there may be even more time at work.

Barrelfish is actually a project at the.the Swiss university ETH Zurich . Microsoft Research contributes to the project.

Barrelfish should not be considered a rival to Windows but rather a playground compared to the future operating system, where processors get more and more cores, and how operating systems should be able to work with several different types of hardware. In fact emphasizes the developers that the project remains only useful for testing purposes, and that it most needed to find new ways to structure operating systems.

Although Barrelfish lives a quiet life, so there is still life in development. Earlier this month released the developers with the latest working version of Barrelfish. It can be downloaded at barrelfish.There is more information about Barrelfish at. microsoft