Microsoft Project Siena allow anyone to make Windows 8.1 App


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Microsoft Project Siena allows anyone to create Windows 8.1 app without coding

Microsoft has recently released a new app called as “Project Siena,” which will allow users to easily create their own Windows 8 App without any programming skills. It also works as a touch-friendly way to easily create Windows 8 Apps. Well you are still not getting all the tools as you will get in Visual Studio, but Siena will allow you to create apps which are more document-like and highly visual.

You can easily embed data from Azure, RSS, Excel and even from SharePoint. Just create your app and after that you can immediately even publish it or share it with others as an installer package. Currently this app is in beta preview and if you are using Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, then you can download it from Windows Store.

Source: Windows Store Link