Microsoft Integrates Skype Into Office Online PowerPoint


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Microsoft on Tuesday has integrated Skype into its Office Online platform for Web, starting with Office Online Word and Office Online PowerPoint.
The company says that users will now be able to participate in Skype chats while editing an Office Online Word document or Office Online PowerPoint presentation. Users will also be able to create group chats with Skype contacts within these two Office Online apps. Microsoft didn't share any time frame for a similar Skype for Office Online rollout for other apps part of the suite.

"All you need to get started is your Microsoft account. To get the best experience possible on Skype for Office Online, have your Skype account linked to your Microsoft account. If you haven't linked the two accounts yet," said company on its blog.

Last week, the company previewed Skype Translator for Windows 8.1 users, providing real-time translation (Spanish-English) using the Skype messaging service. The service will also be available for Windows 10 Technical Preview users.

"The preview program will kick off with two spoken languages, Spanish and English... Skype Translator will open up endless possibilities for people around the world to connect, communicate and collaborate; people will no longer be hindered by geography and language," said Microsoft's Gurdeep Pall.

The program had its first trial with school children in Mexico City and their counterparts at a school in Tacoma, Washington.​