Meri Problem V Suno...te Solution Dasso


can som1 plz differentiate HP and BHP......mainu auto mechanics elective c...padhi ni :wall :roll :roll :roll (je koi mechanical engg haiga)

note : net ton nakal ni maarni main pehli batheri maarli ..rofl

:mean :mean :mean


lao ji main mechanical engg. te haiga....

HP and BHP are more or less the same.....

BHP or Brake horse power is the measure of the power of the engine without considering the losses at gear trains or other components.....

while in the US the term HP is more commonly used instead of BHP...
the difference in ratings come due to the fact that HP is measured at a Flywheel,
while the BHP is measured at output shaft of engine....
the name Brake is prefixed due to the use of Band Brake to calculate it....

baaki tusi internet ton par hi leya hona....
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