mere yaar k naam


@L0nE DuDE
Both by touch and verbally
Every time you hold me tighter
Makes my soul shine even brighter
Every time you tell me 'I love you'
Simply lifts me up from the blue
By the way you look at me
You make me realize
That your love is so pure
And need not any disguise
Your smile gives me this feeling
It's life i start to believe in
These hands with which you do me tasks
And in return never anything you ask
By the way you give me a kiss
All worries go away and I'm in bliss
Your presence with me
Gives me this relief
There's someone to love me
And share all the grief
Your fingers when touch my face
Simply defines your magic, your grace
With your sweet and lovely styles
You've turned my frowns into smiles
The way you always greet me
Tired when I'm back home
To make me feel happy
Is I think what you've sworn
It's the power of love you hold within you
It's the way you love me that I love you


@L0nE DuDE
since the first day i saw you,
i already knew.
From that day forward,
I would end up with you.

Standing hand in hand,
Me looking straight into your eyes.
You make me feel,
like I'm flying high up in the skies.

I love you with all my heart,
I love you with all my soul.
It is the way we bond,
that's making our love grow.

I got a few words to tell you,
I got a few words to say.
They are coming from the heart,
I mean them everyday.

As simple as it is,
Coming from me to you.
As much as it means,