~#~mere saath hi aisa kyon hota hai?????????????



whts this:hit :hit :hit

kisdi sharat aa eh:slap :slap :slap :slap :slap

main thorri der lai soch rahi si ke mainu bina peete chadi hoi aa,,,,,,,goshhhhhh....how can i miss it???????:n :n :n

sum other nikki grewal is here ,,,,,,n she or he,,,,pakka koi admin aa,,,,,has her/his intro thread too.:hyper :hyper :hyper

Damn it,,,,i changed my avtr today n she ooops he...jo vi aa:slap ,,,,has changed it too,,,,,then just few mins b4 i changed it again,,,,,but then found out in one thread abt this another id,,,,n there i go with my name my pic,,,my new sig,,,,,lols,,,everything is mine,,,,but tht post was nt mine,,,n i was like when did i reply to this thread,,,,,,,,,,,,lolssss,,,,,then realised i just changed my pic,,,n its still getting displayed...how cum????????,,,,ok ok,.....then i checked spellings,,,it says nikki instead of niki,,,,,now even i use sumtimes the same spellings so didnt notice it at 1st place............yaar jo vi ho mainu password de do,,,,,ya sara kuchh change kero,,,,,,,,,,,,,mainu ni pata,,,,nahi taan main case ker denarolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf rolf

Mere saath hi aisa kyon hota hai,,,,,,remember lc te vi koi meri id use keran lag gaya si,,,,but ithe taan hadh hi kerti,,,sara kuchh hi mera:hit :hit :hit

Pardesan Punjaban

Alone but Happy
ih tae jurwa movie vaang ho gia..................asli khon te nakli khon
ram sham..............nahi nahi
sita gita vaang ho gia
chalo aapa ques puchde haan...............tusi ans diorofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl