Meizu MX Quad-Core Smartphone – Killer of iPhone5?

Meizu, a Chinese electronic manufacturer is going to roll out the iPhone killer, called the Meizu MX — with innovative features comparable to that of iPhones.

Meizu’s very own CEO, Jack Wong, has leaked out some key details about his company’s upcoming MX, and that one of his posts in the company’s public online bulletin board made explicit mention of a quad-core processor being used as the main muscle for a particular MX variant.

It will come in a 16GB dual-core model, and if you want far more firepower, then you would do well to keep your wallet open for the 32GB quad-core version.

Wong also claimed in his BBS posts that the Meizu MX will feature interchangeable rear covers, and has been designed to “look very beautiful”, although he provided no details about any specific design elements the MX might sport.

Some posters have speculated that Meizu would opt for either NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 system-on-a-chip or an ARM Cortex A9-based processor.

No other relevant information was released about the device.