Mata Ganga ji presenting missi roti and lassi to Baba Buddha


Waheguru Waheguru

Mata Ganga ji presenting missi roti and lassi to Baba Buddha Ji.
Baba Buddha Ji was blessed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, he carried out the traditional enthroning ceremonies of Guruship from the second to the sixth Guru. He was revered and honoured by all six Gurus.
Mata Ganga Ji (Guru Ji's wife) once expressed a wish to be blessed with a son. Guru Arjan Dev ji said to her "Ask not me but a pious Sikh like Baba Buddha Ji". Mata Ji went to see Baba Ji taking with her many richly prepared dishes. Baba Ji was not happy, "I am but a grass cutter of the House of Guru Nanak how can I grant you what you wish?" Mata Ji returned home and told Guru ji what had happened. Guru Ji said "Mata Ji do as I say, prepare a simple meal. Make missi roti (bread made of wheat and lentils) with your own hands and take some onions and lassi (butter milk) and walk with
humility in your heart. Mata Ji did as she was asked. She humbly presented the food, Baba Ji was pleased. As he ate he blessed Mata Ji " O mother, thy son will be the king of kings, he will rule the hearts of his people" As he crushed an onion in his hand Baba ji said " and he will crush the heads of evil rulers". Thus Mata Ji was blessed with a son, who was named Hargobind. Hargobind Ji became the sixth Guru Of the Sikhs.
[/SIZE] P.S:- Ramdass baba buddha ji da tapt asthan, samadhna haan,naal beri bhi hai

aap ji gurdasspur wala agar dera baba nanak jande ho tad othe bhi darshan kr aa skde ho

Dhan Dhan Baba Buddha Ji puttran de dhani