Marriage is a social trap

Is marriage a social trap?

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I don’t think marriage is a social trap. But, I can see where people who believe marriage to be a social trap are coming from. It’s quiet natural for people to start thinking in terms of ‘we’ rather than ‘me’ after they are tied together in a relationship. At the same time it’s entirely dependent on individuals; your individuality is what attracted you to each other in first place, so your relationship should be such that you grow together while retaining your individuality. As far as social life is concerned, I don’t see issues as long as you communicate your wishes. It’s not like people won't let you into a party if you are married and you showed up without your partner. It’s people who tie themselves not relationships. So instead of just going we we we, squeeze in some me ;)

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I dont think marriage is a social trap. Its an emotional, psychological, mental need. For as long as mankind has existed, man has always felt a need for having a woman in his life, children, and to create and raise a family. the same goes for a woman. I have known a lot of women who are very much independent, single, no kids, living in their own home with their own car, etc. etc. but when you talk to these women, you find out that really they do want someone in their lives whom they can share their ups and downs with, somebody to call their very own. So i dont think marriage is neccessarily a social trap. Of course one does not need to lose his/her identity when entering a relationship. It should be about working together, being together, yet at the same time having independent minds. It is important not to get too caught up within that relationship. There should be a difference between "attachment" and "love". The former emcompasses totally giving yourself in and losing all sense of independence, which i think is wrong. Rather, one should attempt to work as a team yet still remaining independent internally in respect to ones goals and spiritual progress.


JaTT kaiM ThoNu KOi VeHm?
mukdi gall kran tah.. its park of our vahya da Laddu tah har ek ne khana kisi ne jaldi te kisi ne late .....hun es toh vaad ke keh sakdda.:w