Marriage Fraud ?

Marriage is a sacred and very important institution of India which is given full attention by Punjabis and most Indians of any growth. Lately Indians have indulged into corruption like never before and this corruption has encroached into the marriage scene which has tarnished its sacred sanctity.
People in India have suddenly become extremely greedy, selfish and now turning into aggressive predators and this predatory instinct is trapping the innocent people who are seeking a fair marriage partner. Considering the fraud potential after marriage, many parents and families in North India are seeking full exposure of the other party by digging more into the families affairs.

In ancient times all information was easily available from anyone in village or street and most families repute was considerably easy to rate by anyone but not any more. Now people have become indulged with materialism, shopping, Television watching and other acitivities and have lesser time for intrusion in other families or even neighbours, consequently people find it very hard to find any real information about potential marriage partners.

See this report today from Delhi reported by a reputed newspaper.
NEW DELHI: Her marriage was fixed and everything from the groom, his family to their financial status seemed perfect for 21-year-old Simran (name changed). Even his profile on a matrimony portal was one of the most popular. But a last-minute check by a detective agency opened up a can of worms. Not only was the groom a divorcee but, in fact, had three children. Besides, he was an alcoholic the main reason why his wife walked out.
At a time when marriages are being decided over the internet and couples prefer to wait till they build a flashy career, the Association of Private Detectives Of India (APDI) has come up with startling facts for the city.
According to Kunwar Vikram Singh, chairman APDI, there has been a phenomenal rise in the number of brides and grooms seeking to "cross-check one another's background'' before tying the knot. "There has been a 36% increase in the number of people going for pre-marital checks. Significantly, a huge 41% rise has been recorded in the post-marital queries. The average number of queries with individual agencies before marriage is around 60 per month, while post-marriage queries number around 45,'' said Singh.
According to detective agencies, it takes about a 7-10 days to complete pre-marriage enquiries. Such an exercise costs anything between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000. It's more for post-marriage queries which are customer specific and involve more work and detailing. Hence, the costs can go even up to around Rs 1 lakh.
"It is common for parents to get suspicious about the match and take our services. We have 21 such agencies across the country and employ over 14,000 people,'' said Sachit Kumar, managing director, Global Detectives, the oldest such agency in the country.
Mahesh C Sharma, managing director of GDX detectives, said the biggest challenge was to deliver according to the requirements of the expanding clientele. "Words are not enough, we produce photographs and hard copy evidences to ascertain our findings,'' said Sharma.