Man shoots wife after seeing India film on marriage

MUMBAI (Reuters) - An Indian man who took his wife to a hit Bollywood film about marital tensions hoping she would allow him to marry again shot her after she refused, police and a newspaper said.
The Mumbai Mirror daily said on Monday the wife had left his home with their two children after a marital spat.

But on Saturday, they had made up and went to see "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" (Never Say Goodbye), a Hindi film about couples finding love outside marriage, which has been playing to packed houses in Indian cities.
The newspaper said the 32-year-old man's real intention in taking his wife to the movie was to persuade her to allow him to marry his girlfriend.
When she refused, the husband attacked her with a "sharp weapon" and shot her in the stomach, leaving her for dead on the road, the Mumbai Mirror reported.
"The wife survived and she has given us a statement against her husband," a police officer said.
The film's director Karan Johar expressed shock.
"When I made the film, I never thought it would incite such strong emotions," Johar was quoted as saying in the newspaper.
Bollywood, the world's most prolific film industry, has a big influence over the lives millions of Indians, who visit cinemas regularly to see the latest releases.
In June, a young man leapt off a cinema balcony in central India and broke his leg while trying to imitate the stunts of a superhero in a Bollywood movie.


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