man can turn street objects invisible


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The man who can turn street objects invisible

Joshua Callaghan disguises utility boxes by pasting pictures onto them of the scenery behind, thereby creating the illusion of an uninterrupted view

His work can be seen on streets around Los Angeles after he answered an advert asking for people to paint the unsightly boxes

"The city called for proposals to decorate some utility boxes in a recently renovated town square," he explains. "They were looking for painters, but when I heard about the call I inspected the boxes and simply had the idea of using photographs"

Sometimes the pictures on the boxes show exactly what is behind them.

but sometimes they show an idealised version of what could be there, like this picturesque pond scene

Joshua was inspired by photorealistic trompe l'oeil paintings

He says: "As far as I know no-one has walked into one of the boxes that wouldn't have walked into an uncovered box

"...but I love watching people do a double-take"

Joshua says: "The images are all unique, based on the context. They are printed on special adhesive vinyl and should last for 10 years at least. It will be interesting to see the surroundings change around the boxes as time passes"

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Re: The man can turn street objects invi

haah nice...wht view will be diff frm diff angles....and je kise ne gor na kitta, will bang into the object :p


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sahi kiha..................:d