Maltese Falcon - The World's Largest Sailing Yacht


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Maltese Flacon, the world’s largest sailing yacht 88 meter (290 ft) has been sold for USD 100 million and is built by the Italian Perini Navi Yacht. This boat uses the innovative sailing system DynaRig. It consists of three constantly rotating masts, which hold 15 sails. The maximum speed of the boat is of about 21 knots. Maltese Falcon is able to cross the Atlantic in just 2 days.



Can you help me? I have a bell dated 1930
It bares the name Falcon Yaght Club And somethingng about (New Member) I’m just researching it to find out it’s history, my father acquired it somehow in the early 60’s in southern Calif.
I will try to attach a photo.
Thank you for any help you can provide,
D ZIMMER Clovis Ca.