Mallika Sherawat’s ‘Hisss’ not releasing in the US


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Release date pushed back

After making us wait for almost a year, and with much anticipation, Mallika Sherawat starrer Hisss is finally releasing on 22 October. But surprisingly this release date is only for India and not for US. Hisss will release in the US next year and the reason for it is that the movie needs to be promoted well in the west.

Isn’t it shocking, as Mallika spent almost a year in LA and one of the prime reasons for her stay was also the Hisss promotion? The movie was expected to release worldwide on October 22, but the co-producer of the film Govind Menon tells a tabloid that the English version will release in January 2011.

“We are not releasing it across USA now as we are building up the film a bit… Many Hollywood films don’t release on the same day across the world. There is some serious promotional work left for us to do,” Menon is quoted as saying.

Directed by Jennifer Lynch, Hisss is releasing in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu this week, while the Malayalam one will come next week. In fact, its international version with subtitles will also release in Malaysia, Australia, UK, Fiji, New Zealand and South Africa the same week. According to Menon this is phase I for Hisss and phase 2 will see its grand release in Hollywood.

As for now Mallika is measuring the length and breadth of the country to promote Hisss.