Mallika Sherawat cool about her acting fee


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‘Give me anything you wish’

Amidst the rumour of Mallika Sherawat throwing her attitude around by asking for inordinate acting fee post her growing PR in Hollywood, this one comes as a surprise.

The Hissss miss has reportedly signed the sequel of comedy film Dhamaal without even discussing her remuneration. Producer Ashok Thakeria seems quite pleased with the lady’s cool attitude and her trust in him.

“Mallika said she will take anything we give her. She's just happy to be part of a brand like 'Dhamaal' and that too opposite Sanjay Dutt,” Thakeria is quoted as saying by a news agency.

The film’s sequel will be called Double Dhamaal.

Even as Mallika’s much-awaited film Hisssss keeps getting postponed, the sexy siren has still not got her one foot out of Mumbai. She’s been in talks for more projects, including a film with none other than Amitabh Bachchan.

Madame M could not have asked for more.